Catching a ride on a paradox (2016)

Keith Nunes: catching a ride on a paradox (2016)

It was apparent to me when I first started to read Keith Nunes' poems - at any rate those first few that crossed my desk as an editor - that there was a freshness and directness to his view of the world which I found immensely appealing. I don't mean to imply that they seemed artless - rather, that they were artful in the best way: concealing their subtleties of craft beneath that effortless vernacular voice Keith can, apparently, summon at will. They were about very real things, too: love, lust, landscape, leisure, longing. Since then he's gone on from strength to strength, but never losing that initial acuity and lack of vainglorious display.


Keith Nunes, catching a ride on a paradox: poetry and short fiction (Rotorua, 2016): blurb.

[114 wds]

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