JAAM 32: Shorelines (2015)

Jack Ross, ed.: Poetry NZ Yearbook 2 [Issue #50] (November 2015)

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JAAM 32: Shorelines. Ed. Sue Wootton. ISSN 1173-633X. Wellington: JAAM Collective, 2014. RRP $25. 222 pp.

Sue Wootton, ed.: JAAM 32: Shorelines (2014)

So JAAM has now reached number 32, after only twenty or so years of rambunctious life! Dunedin poet Sue Wootton’s issue is large and imposing, She’s chosen to focus it on the theme of “shorelines” :
I chose the theme of “Shorelines” partly because I see our islands’ physical shorelines as the great connector for us as a people … I decided to arrange this issue around the idea of kōrerorero, as expressed in Teoti Jardine’s opening poem, a kind of “never-ending ebb and flow” conversation, taking place from one of the country to the other.
She goes on to comment that “Opening JAAM is always like lifting the lid on a jack-in-the-box: something energetic jumps out.” I have to second that, having opened at random to find Tracey Slaughter’s excoriating, kaleidoscopic story “local sluts in your area,” and then again and again to other gems.


Poetry New Zealand Yearbook 2 [Issue #50]. ISSN 0114-5770 (2014): 271.

[162 wds]

Poetry NZ Yearbook 2 (2015)

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