Edmond & Hall, Histories of the Future (2015)

Edmond, Martin, & Maggie Hall. Histories of the Future. Words by Martin Edmond. Images by Maggie Hall. North Hobart, Tasmania: Walleah Press, 2015.

Martin Edmond is the closest thing we have to an Australasian Jorge Luis Borges and this book is a kind of Aleph: a point from which everything in the universe can be seen simultaneously — books, dreams, pictures, memories, bric-a-brac. Every reader will confront here their own frissons of recognition. The photographs, by Maggie Hall, are perfect: sufficiently off on their own tangent to set up a counter-narrative to the prose, but tending round to the same set of atmospheres and obsessions.

(May 8, 2015)

[Available at Walleah Press: (29/7/15)]

[81 wds]

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