Takahe 64 (2009)

Jack Ross, ed.: Poetry NZ 38 (March 2009)

Takahe 64 (Winter 2008)

Janine Sowerby, ed.: Takahe 64 (Winter 2008)

Another characteristically strong issue of the long-running Christchurch literary magazine. It seems a bit invidious to single out particular editors or contributions, but I can’t resist mentioning Patricia Prime’s fascinating interview with American haiku poet Jim Kacian on pp.36-41. The reviews section includes substantial notices of books by Janet Charman, Andrew Johnston, James McNaughton, Jacqueline Crompton Ottaway, John O’Connor and Jeanette Stace by a variety of hands. There are poems and stories both by well-known and by up-and-coming writers. A portfolio of colour reproductions of works by sculptor Rick Swain has been prefaced with a short essay by Cultural Studies editor Cassandra Fusco. All in all, it’s quite a cornucopia of strange and arresting work. Here’s to another 64 issues!


Poetry NZ 38 (2009): 107-8.

[125 wds]

Poetry NZ 38 (2009)

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