A brief index: Preface (2003)

Jack Ross, ed.: A brief index (1995-2003) (2003)


Let’s begin with some statistics. The Writers Group, and its quarterly magazine A Brief Description of the Whole World, were founded in December 1995 by Alan Loney. Now, seven years later, we’ve reached issue #26, albeit with five changes of name, and three different editors: Loney, John Geraets and myself (7: 5: 3 – rather a satisfying ratio).

In that time, the magazine has published 95 authors & artists, and 1953 pages of material, in 24 issues (#10/11 was a double issue, and the reissue of Leigh Davis’s Willys Gazette (1983/99) counted as #12). The Writers Group has also produced two books: Alan Loney’s Reading / Saying / Making: Selected Essays (2001), and, most recently, Sugu Pillay’s The Chandrasekhar Limit and other stories (2002).

The format has remained simple: A4 sheets, copied – so far as possible – exactly as their authors wrote them, ordered, bound, then distributed with bio-notes and a cover. The magazine continues to specialise in technically adventurous literary and graphic work, by acknowledged (and newly discovered) innovators. Pageworks, critical articles, poems and fictional texts are all equally welcome.

All in all, it seemed like high time for an index. I’ve therefore provided brief breakdowns by issue and by author (apologies for any inadvertent errors or omissions: errare humanum est …)

The Writers Group has never received any official funding except for subscriptions and donations, so all but occasional guest contributors must also be subscribers. Enquiries are welcome, and should be directed to me at the address opposite.


A brief index (1995-2003). Edited by Jack Ross. ISSN 1175-9313 (Auckland: The Writers Group, 2003): 3.

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A brief index: Supplement 1 (2003-2005) (2005)

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