When The Sea Goes Mad at Night (2000)

Jack Ross, ed.: Spin 36 (March 2000)

Theresia Liemlienio Marshall, ed. When The Sea Goes Mad at Night: Poems by Alison Denham, Robin McConnell, Theresia Liemlienio Marshall, Jade Reidy, Jack Ross & Apirana Taylor. Christian Gray New Zealand, PO Box 34293, Birkenhead, Auckland 1310, Aotearoa / New Zealand, 1999-2000. ISBN 0-473-06460-X. 122 pp.

Theresia Liemlienio Marshall, ed.: When The Sea Goes Mad at Night (1999-2000)

This anthology showcases poets who have been published by Theresia Marshall’s Pohutukawa Press, or its offshoot, Christian Gray New Zealand. “TPP,” Theresia explains, “provides space for Maori and South Pacific Islands authors. CGNZ is open to all writers.” In putting together this collection, she goes on to say, “I have had to sequence each cluster of contributions into significance (McConnell’s and Marshall’s); or discern for wider audience accessibility (Ross’s); or leave it in the order the poems first arrived (Denham’s, Reidy’s and Taylor’s).” As this preamble would suggest, there’s not a great deal of consistency in the styles or poetics presented here, but for anyone interested in the work of these individual poets, sufficient space has been given to each to put forward a substantial selection from their recent work. The production standards, as usual, are high.


Spin 36 (2000): 63.

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Spin 36 (2000)

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